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A big One Book Shy welcome to Suzanne Adams as she tours with her newest book, Musings of an Earth Angel





TITLE:    Musings of an Earth Angel
AUTHOR:    Suzanne Adams
GENRE:  Young Adult


22-year-old Samantha Kingston had the perfect job, perfect boyfriend, and perfect Friday nights. When disaster strikes she loses everything and is propelled into a journey where evil and good, dark and light are battling for her destiny. Will the Demon Brigade viciously destroy her? Or will her Angel team and the Divine help her to elevate and see her real truth as an Earth Angel?



She paused for a moment to hold my gaze. “Being an Earth Angel isn’t an easy feat. So if you do it with success, your reward after you transition from earth is tenfold.”


Every word she said struck a chord deep within me. “So you are saying I’m an Earth Angel?”


Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Isn’t it wonderful news?”


I hesitated for a moment at the heaviness of what she was telling me. I knew my life was changing, but this seemed so big, so huge. I was on earth as an angel? Me, a real life angel? I couldn’t believe it—it just didn’t seem like it could actually be true.


I do feel honored, and this does feel right to me,” I said. “It could be my truth. But it is a little scary, and it’s a lot to take in. What does being an Earth Angel mean, exactly?”


First of all, please know that it is nothing to be scared of. It is an honor. It means you have special magical gifts and powers that you can offer to help save the world.”


You mean I can help with the transition of human evolution?” This message had come up repeatedly, and I was starting to somewhat understand.


Yes. Exactly. You have a complex mission, and it will be unfolded to you in time. But for now, yes you are getting it. The dolphins say hello, and they want to support you in any way they can. They are one of your spirit animals, and they are happy you loved their dance. Their mission is to make humans feel free and alive and to inspire play-like qualities.”


I am honored to meet them,” I said, as one of the dolphins slid right up to me. I ran my hand across its smooth, slippery skin.


I have something really special for you,” she said. In her palm she held the most beautiful, sparkling green emerald on a delicate gold chain.


Wow, what is it? It is stunning.”


This is an amulet. It was kept hidden in the sea for thousands of years for you. We knew you would need it in this lifetime. If you wear it, it will help protect you. It is from the Atlantean times and will help unlock memories and assist you in remembering all your truth.” She attached the necklace around my neck.


I love it. It’s so special. Thank you so much.”


You are doing beautifully, darling. You are on the right path so keep it up. I will be going now, so remember me every time you go for a swim. Try not to stay away from the water for so long.”


She looked at me, put her hands together in front of her heart, and bowed her head like we were at yoga together. She then submerged deep within the water, faster than she appeared. I sat on the rock with tears of joy streaming down my face at learning and realizing my truth.






Suzanne Adams is an author, motivational speaker and Life Purpose


consultant from Atlanta this is sharing her zest for life with audiences around the globe. She believes that having fun and following your passion are the keys to finding true happiness and she’s passionate about helping unlock what that means for you.


Suzanne’s purpose is to teach people how to live a life of fulfillment and joy. She does this through teaching you her proven 5 step process to attract happiness and freedom into your life. Her first book, Musings of an Earth Angel, was just published this fall. You can connect with Suzanne here. (


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Do you get more enjoyment out of creating heroes or the villains?

Personally, I love creating the heroes. It is so much more fun for me. In fact, when I first started writing. My editor was like, “Suzanne, you need some bad people, everyone in the book is so nice and supportive.”


Where is your favorite place to write?

At the beach!! It is so nice to be have an amazing view and know that you can just walk outside and get in the ocean when you are done writing.


Do you have any specific “rituals” when you’re creating/writing?

Yes! I always have an opening prayer and I play classical music while I write.


Tell us about your favorite literary character (can be your own or other, or both!)

I love Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games! I love her personality, quirks, and how she is a symbol for change and freedom!!:)


What are three things you can’t be without?

Travel, laughter, and yoga!


What are you currently working on?

I am working on the second book for the trilogy now and also a mastermind program to help people that want to get their authentic voices heard.



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Suzanne Adams will be awarding an autographed copy of Musings of an Earth Angel (US only) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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