About ME!

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Welcome to One Book Shy of a Full Shelf!  This is the place to learn just a little About ME! I am Jules, a happily married woman with a very wide range of interests. One of my favorites is READING.


I have been a bookworm/closet librarian since I was a small child. Our family always had lots of books, both at home and borrowed from the library. I was so obsessed, I went so far as to set our own library up in the den. It was complete with everything cataloged using the Dewey decimal system. My family was required to check the books out and back in properly!


Massive library at onebookshy.com
I could only dream…


I enjoy sharing my love of books with others.  Besides discussing my reads with those in my immediate circle here at home, I’ve found book reviews online to be a fantastic way to learn about and join in discussions regarding various books.  It still amazes me how the Internet has opened doors for those people who are ready and willing to talk about what they’re reading!


My Other Interests


While I started THIS blog so that I could talk about BOOKS,  I do have some other places that I enjoy writing about life and my other interests:

The Cowgirl Writes – my newest site dedicated to my career in freelance writing.

Halloweenistic – a celebration of one of my favorite holidays, all year long!

Centsable Couponing – I love to save money and share with others how I do it.

Red Barn Blue Skies – a little about a lot of things and a lot about the little things that color our world.

Biddy Banter – all about the poultry, Biddy Banter is where the chickens come to chatter.


I hope you’ll stick around, learn more about me and join in some discussions about one of my favorite things out there – BOOKS!

If you’d like to contact me directly, you can email me at jules@onebookshy.com or access the contact form HERE  I’d love to hear from you!